Friday, May 28, 2010

as you can tell i like HK film. ok maybe like is not a strong enough word. right now i'm on a GWG(girls with guns) kick. i have been watching these films for over 20 years and don't think i will stop

ok a little of the OCD here. i enjoy HK films and here is 2 recent additions to the collection.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

image of the day

this is a picture of the master killer himself in 2008 when i had the chance to meet him. he is one of the most humble people i have ever met in my life. he was very nice and agreed to pose for some pictures and signed a few of my lobby cards. he has family here and says he wants to come back i hope he comes back soon and often.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

facebook or stalkers paradise?

i can't tell you how many people tried to get me to get on this thing but after 6 years of resistance i caved in. its not really all that interesting unless you like to be all up in peoples business. don't get me wrong its nice to be able to see and talk to people from our past that we had no chance of finding again but its not very smart to give out so much info about yourself. people can steal your pics and pretent to be you and get you in all types of trouble. can you imagine some serial killer using your picture to entice victims? ok ok thats a bit extreme but you get the idea.
what i don't understand is people that live on that thing! they have 100's of pictures of themselves posing in mirrors trying as hard as they can to look sexy and cool. guess what trying hard is not sexy or cool its trying too hard. all that attention seeking just not healthy and you might just attract the wrong attention. i don't have a daughter but if i did and i caught her doing half the things some of those women are doing on there i would whip her ass.
i seem to be in the minority on this topic now everyone is facebooking from grandma to grade threes. basicly anyone with a pc and web access is up on there. makes you wonder what normal is these days .. shit just call me old fashion.

image of the day

i had to do it! my teen and pre teen years had me watching for hours and hours of shaw brothers films. but as soon as to hear those trumpets and saw this logo you knew you were about to see greatness. for the amount of fans around the world that love these films they just don't get any respect. so this is my small tribute to sir run run and the crew.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

image of the day

this i will try to maintain but forgive me if i miss a few days the first one

it's the god of gunplay chow yun fat. its a far cry from his image as the twin gun blasting agent of ballistic fury he came to be known as in the 80's and 90's.
dude looking like the chinese steve erkel LOL

random thought

the minute you think you know it all you become a dummy

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

twitter or not to twitter that is the question

well honestly i have been on it i admit it there! but i don't really see the point of it unless you have no life and have to live through other people OR you are a corporation or celebrity trying to capitalize on the masses of sheeple and hoplessly distract them from the lives they should be living.
if i want to know what my friends are doing i will call them damnit i don't need twitter! this might be a bit of a rant but this shit has to stop somewhere. for Gods sake unplug yourself from the matrix and get outside and get some fresh air! ok on your Iphone or blackberry its kind of cute but for the love of God go do something constructive like gardening or stamp collecting but get off that damn twitter!

one more thing to be obessed with

well after years of being obessed with other peoples blogs and forums i have decided to have a place of my own to be obessed with. after all its more practical to have all my interests all in one place. i spend way too much time going from blog to blog forum to forum looking for something that interests me and ends up being disapointing. the interesting posts are far in between and bored overwieght insecure attention seeking fanboys abound in abundance. we won't have that here!! OCD is a serious matter and not to be played around with.