Friday, September 24, 2010

Lady Terminator

the print itself was great and the dubbing was filled with zings and one liners cheese at its finest. the 80's hair the 80's clothes the cheap affects adds up to a laugh out loud shlockfest for the ages. if you have a chance to see it do so with no hesitation.

yesterday i went and took in the cult classic Lady Terminator at the Toronto Underground. The Underground has taken over what was the golden classics theater. the theater was closed for 20 years and it is a well preserved theater from the pre-multiplex days at the end of the millinium. It hasn't changed since its origonal operation. it is a very warm comfortable setting and perfect for cult screenings and is very classy for exploitation screenings.

I Like Sports

here is a couple of reasons this is the worlds most popular sport..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Coming to a theater near you!

i have a love hate relationship with ebay right now i'm in love.

35MM glorly WITH 3D!!!

3 Dimentions of Greta!! this looks like a nice little exploitaion film from the early 70's i hope its as wild as it looks. i will give a report on the condition of the print within the month. anyone got a pair of 3-D glasses? lol

Here is the gist of it Hans Weimar (Tristan Rogers who later appeared on "General Hospital") is a German journalist who flies to London to investigate the disappearance of Greta (Leena Skoog), a stunning 18-year-old blond who ran off to become an au pair. Hans interviews four different individuals who all paint a rather different picture of the missing girl (these sequences are in 3D and are 20 minutes approx). We later discover that Greta has been kidnapped by an East End gangster (Alan Curtis).